How We Grade our Manuals

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 
Our automotive service and owners manuals are graded as follows:


  • Excellent - Like new, or as close as possible, given the age of the manual.

  • Good - Better than average, no excessive wear.

  • Average - Shows common signs of useage, may have some grease, oil or slight water damage, not crisp.

  • Fair - More signs of wear. Often has grease, oil, or possible tears or water damage. Binding may not be as tight. Complete.

  • Poor - Bad condition, may not be complete but is stocked because the material is hard to find.

  • Reprint - A current copy of the manual. Of varying quality but we will always stock the finest quality reprint we can find. Most are well done and well bound. A few service manuals are not of as high quality but we stock them if it is all that is available for that vehicle. Some of the used manuals may be reprints of original manuals. If you want only original, please let us know. It is not always possible to verify "original status" but we will do our best for you.


Our listings are usually presented as follows :


CHEVROLET ( Make ), 1964 Year(s) ), CHEVELLE ( Model ), AVERAGE ( Condition ), DG046 ( Inventory number ), $30.00 ( Price ).