Vintage Serbian Art Collection Book

Published in 1943, this Cyrillic text book, by Milan Kasanin, seems divided in half in terms of art focus and contains a variety of images – color plates and black & white photos throughout.

The first half of this 10”x13” flexible board book features 12th to 14th century religious iconography – church frescoes of saints and martyrs, photos of fortress ruins and castles, photos featuring ornamental stone details all seemingly Byzantine in style. The archeological and artists’ images hint at the Novgordian era, Novgord being the ruling power in Russian for 750 years and considered by Russian Art critics as the Russian Florence.




The second half of the book features European masters – particularly the 17th and 18th century Dutch Masters. Artists including Rembrandt self-portraits, royal portraits, devotional and religious scenes are featured.










Without being fluent in Serbian, Russian or able to read a Cyrillic alphabet, one might guess this to be a museum exhibit catalogue or an overview of a museum’s iconography produced during World War II.


Condition: Good/Fair – slightly concave text block, pages toned, dust jacket in mylar, chips and tears to jacket, 1956 Christmas stamp on front just below title.


234 pages with black & white photos and color plates.

$65.00 – production values of book & photos reflect wartime condition.